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Why do we need GOOD walking shoes? Won´t any shoe do?

The Benefits of Walking

Walking is a great form of exercise because of the cardio benefits and the fact that little equipment is required. But you will need a good pair of walking shoes. Why? Because the body puts 6-8 times our weight on various parts of our feet as we walk.

Can exercise help with stress that hasn´t occurred yet?

Get off the couch and get moving

Exercise doesn't just help you lose weight. A physically active lifestyle has also been linked to an increase of HDL (“good”) cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, an improved mood and less chance of depression, higher bone density, stabilized blood sugar levels, and a boosted immune system. Each of these benefits are counteracted by the aging process. By fitting at least thirty minutes of exercise, three times a week, into your lifestyle, you'll help your body fight the natural aging process.

Can I actually prevent wrinkles by exercising?

Exercise and Wrinkles

Can you spare 30-40 minutes for a little exercise each day? Dr. White, an exercise physiologist at the University of California found that women who exercised each day had fewer wrinkles and the bags beneath their eyes in some cases disappeared. Worth a try, wouldn't you say?

How can I make myself exercise when I really don´t want to?

Trick Yourself

I can understand anyone out there who is not a fan of exercising. I can understand because if I could skip it, I would. But I don't and it is only because I don't make myself feel guilty. I tell myself that if I only feel like doing 5 minutes, that's good enough. But, surprisingly enough, once I start, I do far more. It's the knowing that I don't have to, that gets me on the bike.

Why should I try Yoga?

The benefits of Yoga

If you have never tried Yoga, you might be curious about the benefits. In a nut shell, you will feel better after a session. And it is all because of the stretching involved. Somehow, it converts negative energy into positive energy. That means fatigue and bad moods that you start out with, mellow out and you are left with more energy and feelings of well being.

How can I keep my exercise programs from boring me silly?

Exercise Bores Me

A lot of us find exercise... simply boring. The trick is to find a way to increase the enjoyment. An easy way to do this is to vary the kinds of exercise you do. Dancing, walking, videos, cross countryskiing and skating are only a few that you might want to consider. No need to ever be bored with so many to choose from.

Is it better to exercise on an empty stomach?

Eat Up

Never exercise on an empty stomach. You should eat a healthy meal about three hours before exercising to ensure that you body has the proper fluids and nutrients that it needs.

Can we skip the warm-up before exercising?

Don't Forget The Warm-up

With our busy schedules, it is very easy to ignore the warm-up and jump right into the exercise program. But the warm-up is aptly named. If we don't warm up our muscles before working them, we can do all kinds of damage. Be safe and warm them up with a little aerobic activity first.

Can exercise help with stress that hasn´t occurred yet?

What About Unexpected Stress?

We think that we know all the benefits of exercise, but here is a new one. Did you know that exercise also helps you deal with unexpected stress? According to Drs. Diane and Robert Hales, this is true as exercise mimics symptoms similar to what you would experience in times of stress including increased heart rate, and higher blood pressure...

What are some safety tips connected with stair climbing?

Climbing Stairs

When climbing stairs, be sure to use the handrails. To avoid touching a handrail touched by many other people, wear gloves when outside or wash your hands at the first opportunity.

How do you avoid a twisted ankle?

Boots and Shoes

When you are walking in boots or shoes with a heel, don't try to keep up with a faster walking partner. This is a very easy way to twist an ankle.

Can you target fat loss from a specific area of the body?

Spot Reduction

Is there such a thing as spot reduction? The honest answer is no. The body doesn't burn fat in one specific area, but rather as part of a whole metabolic process. Studies on spot reducing have repeatedly shown that it doesn't work. If you want to lose fat from a particular area, focus on good nutrition and aerobic, fat-burning exercise. However, keep working out the specific areas you're unhappy with to firm and shape the muscle underneath the fat. This way, as you get leaner, the area will look 100% better than if you didn't exercise while you lost the weight.

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