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What are the benefits of pulling weeds?

Pull Those Weeds

While pulling weeds might not sound like something that will slow down the aging process, in fact, it can. Not only will you burn calories, but gardening is extremely relaxing and that is also VERY good for you. Just be sure to wear sunblock while you are working out of doors. And that goes for your hands as well!

How can I create a garden retreat?

Your Garden Retreat

Spend a little time today creating your own garden retreat. There is nothing quite like a soothing garden to dissolve all the stresses of the day. *Check out monthly gardening magazines for ideas.

Need a simple garden project to help burn calories?

One Garden Pathway Coming Up

Here is a very easy project for all of you gardeners. Simply line the garden path with an inch or two of white stone that is available at garden centers to help control weeds. The moonlight will make the stones appear as if they are glowing and help to illuminate the way. And, as you work, you are burning calories and enjoying the fresh air all at the same time.

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