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An Engaged Mind is a Healthy Mind

There was a saying my dad always dropped on me when I was loafing around the house as a child: "Move it or lose it." This same quote can be applied to our long term mental health.

A mind that is at rest, while peaceful, will be one that quickly fades away. More and more research is pointing out that minds that stay engaged via video games, puzzles, reading, and conversation will last longer and operate as if they are younger.

Many researchers are finding that engaging your mind with puzzle video games is one of the healthiest ways to stay mentally engaged. Many people are going out and downloading applications for phones and computers that will allow them to play logic games with their friends and family.

If you play a game of scrabble every day, you will feel more attentive and refreshed. Guaranteed.

Try to engage yourself with more of these games on a regular basis. There are video games for people of all ages and playstyles, from fun for the whole family type entertainment to more adult themed games, so anybody should be able to stay entertained. It's never too early to start increasing mental acuity.

Never thought video games would be healthy, did you?

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