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What folk remedies are available for acne?

Just Add Sugar

We aren't the only generation to suffer from blemishes. In years gone by, teens used whatever soap was handy and then added a little sugar. The sugary lather seemed to do the trick. Blemishes apparently vanished.

Do you want to grow old disgracefully?

Growing Old Gracefully?

"I'm not in the least interested in growing old gracefully; I want to grow old disgracefully, with a gleam in my eye. I want to carry my own wood into my cabin on the day that I die."
Leslie Kenton

What did our grandmother´s do to prevent wrinkles?

Cream and Lemon Juice

Women of previous generations wanted to prevent wrinkles just as much as we do today. Unfortunately, they couldn't go to a department store and buy an anti-aging cream. Their solution was to make their own. One such cream consisted of a few tablespoons of heavy cream and a little lemon juice. This was mixed together and then applied to their faces. So, if you run out of your favorite cream, you know what to do.

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