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What should I know about trying on clothes at the mall?

Trying Them On At The Mall

If you intend on trying on clothes at the mall, make it as easy on yourself as possible. Choose an outfit that is easy to get in and out of. This means no buttons! A pullover sweater and a pull-on skirt works for me.

How do I store winter accessories when they aren´t needed?

A Place For Everything

Store hats, gloves, scarves and anything else "winter oriented" in an old suitcase until they are needed again. It keeps everything in one place and there is less chance of finding one glove missing, when you need it most.

Is there a way to hide a turkey neck?

Turkey Necks

Other than a turtleneck, what can you do about them? Do you remember chokers? And I don't mean those tight little ones that teens are wearing. I'm talking about multi-strands of beads or even pearls. They are elegant and really make a fashion statement while hiding a few flaws.

Are you wearing the wrong size bra?

The Wrong Size

Here is a surprising statistic. Did you know that 70-80% of women, wear the wrong size bra? Apparently, this is true.

How do I find a pair of pants that fit?

Waistline vs. Hips

If you have a hard time finding pants that fit your waist and hips, opt for a low-rise cut. One little problem solved.

What is your wardrobe missing?

Buy a fashion magazine

Wearing the right clothes can have a tremendous impact on the age you appear to be. A forty-year-old woman can cause herself to look anywhere from 25 to 55 based on the clothes she wears. Pick up a copy of a fashion book and see for yourself the amazing style transformations that are possible. Doing so can shed years off of your appearance.

Should I give up my diet?

Thin Faces vs. Plump

Unfortunately, the thinner you are, the faster your face will age. Fat plumps out wrinkles and masks the loss of bone mass in the cheek and jaw area. Instead of dieting, turn your thoughts to healthy eating. Incorporate more foods that are actually good for you and the calories will take care of themselves. But junk food has to go! Just empty calories and who knows what else?

How do you hide an aging neck?

Draw The Eye Away

Many of us are doing our best with a neck that is aging a little faster than we would like. The trick is to draw the eye away from this area. Put all of your efforts into a great makeup application and a great haircut. And it can't hurt to work on your attitude and fashion sense either.

How did the first bra come about?

The First Bra

Did you know that the first bra was patented in New York in 1893! The foundation garment was similar to the bras sold today, with pouches for the breasts to sit in.

Can I still wear a sequined top?

Scared of Sequins?

Need a good reason to splash out on that sequined top?
Here's a good one! Sequins will illuminate your face, fading wrinkles. Silver sequins light up the face and pinky-red ones give it a gorgeous glow.

How can I buy just what I need? I´m hopeless!

Taking a Look at What You Have

When a new season arrives, take inventory of what you presently own. Now, make a list of what you need and put it in your purse. Having a list will make updating your wardrobe that much easier. And, something new and up-to-date will make you feel ten years younger!

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