Top 5 Anti Aging Apps

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Top 5 Anti Aging Apps

So many different apps claim to help you succeed in healthier living and the fountain of youth. We all know the best tool for a long life is healthy eating and exercise, but below are five of the most highly reviewed and favorable apps on the market:

1. Anti-Aging Tips by Waikiki Sky on Android

This FREE app contains anti-aging tips and a skincare guide to help you look and feel young and gorgeous.

2. Anti Aging Skin Care Secrets by Venture on Android

Free for the time being, this app includes natural skin cares for anti aging, discussion on various products, face cream, sun protection, makeup, and even Rosacea.

3. Skin Care Recipes by bigo on Android

With 92 positive reviews so far, this app is filled with plenty of information. It details how to create your own skin care recipes. Also information on facial scrubs, masks, under eye treatments, massage oils, moisturizers and more.

4. Skin Care Secrets - FREE by AppBuzz on Android

Taking a different course from the others, this app includes herbal and organic skin care. It discusses lotions versus skin care creams and a recipe for dry skin care.

5. FaceLift by ModiFace on iPhone

Unlike the others, this app allows you to try effects on your own photo or a model's face. Some of the features you can try are a brow lift, removal of crow's feet, nose reshaping, lip enhancement, jaw contouring, and even dark spot removal. You even have the ability to save your image or share it via email.



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